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The Breakfast Club Meetings during Coronavirus Pandemic

We are still meeting for Brighton Business Networking every Tuesday at 8.00am via Zoom.
If anyone is interested in joining us please email us at thebreakfastclubinbrighton@gmail.com it is free to join us while the lockdown is in operation, and should you wish to join after the lockdown has been lifted, you are welcome to come along to a breakfast for free for the first visit.

The Breakfast Club – Brighton Business Networking are a range of different businesses from Brighton, Hove and the surrounding towns and villages of Sussex. For details of the current membership visit our members page.

We refer business leads to each other through the most powerful form of marketing which is word of mouth and provide each other with business support, advice and guidance.

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Your Business Investment

We are a not for profit members club for businesses. There are no joining fees. You just pay £35 per month which pays for your breakfast each week. We have an exclusivity policy which means that when you join you lock out any potential competitors.

Weekly Networking Meetings

We meet every Tuesday morning at 7.15 am at Galileo Restaurant, 1 Woodland Parade, Woodland Dr, Hove BN3 6DR  and the meeting finishes at 8.45 am.

As long as your business doesn’t clash with an existing member you will be welcome to attend up to 2 of our meetings as a guest before making a commitment to join.

How Networking Works

People buy from people they know, like and trust. The informal, relaxed, professional and friendly environment we create enables members to build mutually beneficial relationships.

Regular personal contact results in higher quality relationships and naturally leads to members trading with each other and recommending services to friends, family and other business contacts.

Support & Personal Development

In addition to gaining business referrals you can also make new friends by attending our social events. Another significant benefit is the opportunity for Personal Development and confidence building as you get to practice speaking in public in a friendly and supportive environment.

How To Develop Your Business

If you are considering networking as an integral part of your marketing strategy and want to benefit from gaining new business referrals, developing lasting relationships and learning from the other members in a supportive environment please call 07967 672748 or send us an email so that we can invite you to a meeting.


About The Breakfast Club Business Networking

The Breakfast Club meets every Tuesday morning at Galileo Restaurant in Hove.

Guests are welcome to come along to any Tuesday meeting but we ask that you contact us first to request attendance and check member exclusivity. A guest fee of £10 is payable for breakfast on arrival. If you would like to join our networking group there is a monthly fee to cover the cost of the breakfasts of £35, payable by standing order. There are no other fees to be paid. The networking group is run by the members for the members.

Networking Session schedule:

7.15am – Meet, greet and refreshments for members and guests

7.30am – Sit down for breakfast

7.45am – Breakfast is served

8.00am – All members give their 1 minute presentations, followed by guests

8.15am – One previously chosen business gives a 10 minute presentation

8.30am – Referrals and testimonials – Members give testimonials and referrals they may have for other businesses within the group

8.45am – Any other business before the close of session

A great way to start the day.


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Get in Touch with The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club meets every Tuesday morning at 7.15am until 8.45am at Galileo Restaurant, 1 Woodland Parade, Woodland Dr, Hove BN3 6DR.

Contact Us

If you would like to join one of our business breakfasts as a guest, with a view to becoming a member, please call us on: 07967 672748 , email: The Breakfast Club , or complete the form below:

The Breakfast Club operates an exclusivity policy, therefore please check your trade against our members list to see whether your trade conflicts with a current member, before requesting attendance. Comments and suggestions are welcome.